Greenwich’s Delicious and Juicy Summer Pizza

The year 2017 started with a lot of rain and flooding for Kagay-anons, but it looks like those days are done and over with now. The sun has been shining a lot lately and the nights are getting shorter. This can only mean one thing: summer is coming!

Bulua Beach, CDO. Photo by Tom Udasco. IG: viajerodeoro.

And with summer just around the corner, new adventurers are not far behind. It’s the perfect time to go whitewater rafting with friends at the Cagayan de Oro River. It’s also the best time to travel around the country and celebrate friendship. Or maybe you simply want to go around the city with your loved ones. Whatever you choose to do, however you wish to enjoy the summer season, there’s one thing you should remember: summer is also the perfect time for Greenwich. Especially for Greenwich Hawaiian Overload Pizza.

This summer special, loaded with meaty ham slices, sweet and juicy pineapple bits, and slices of green bell pepper, is a wonderful surprise because of all the flavors that melt in your mouth. It’s refreshingly delicious, and absolutely the perfect companion at the beach or while you and your friends lounge by the pool. Greenwich Hawaiian Overload Pizza is also best enjoyed during long, scenic trips with loved ones and friends.

So, as you plan your summer adventure, don’t forget to include Greenwich’s special summer offering. Order one, two, or more boxes of Hawaiian Overload Pizza now by trooping to your favorite Greenwich store. And while you’re at it, tell your friends about this delicious summer treat, too. You’ll brighten up their already sunny day the minute you’ll do that!

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