Convenient Professional Doctors Consultation is Just One Call Away with KonsultaMD

There are many instances in our lives that we need immediate answers to our health concerns, especially when we need answers around wee hours of the night. And because we want answers straightaway, we tend to search online. From a common cold symptom, you end up having a terrifying disease just after a few clicks. Instead of addressing our health concerns, we tend to assume and self-medicate. As our local dialect calls it, we end up becoming MDs, “murag doctor” meaning “like a doctor.”

Well, there is great news! Instead of becoming a MD and killing yourself in just a few clicks, why not get a KonsultaMD subscription for you and your family!

What is KonsultaMD

KonsultaMD actually works like a call center but with professional doctors with PRC licenses that will take your call and answer your health queries promptly, informatively and in a polite manner. In a country where self-medication is very common, having immediate medical information is a big leap to having healthier and safer families. KonsultaMD provides a team of skilled doctors that are readily available to provide medical assessment, basic healthcare advice and permissible medication through phone calls. This lessens the hassle that every Filipino experiences considering that medical consultations are very expensive and it can be quite difficult to find a specialist that you need.

However, KonsultaMD does not substitute face-to-face interaction between doctors and patients but only serves as a means of provisional care so that the public can have instant and inexpensive medical attention.

KonsultaMD is a convenient tool in bringing medical and health information closer to the Filipinos. It is currently available to Globe and TM subscribers for Php150 per month for postpaid users and for variations of Php15 to Php180 for prepaid subscribers. Calls using Globe or TM will be charged at Php1 only while calls via landline in Metro Manila are free. Non-Globe users may also use KonsultaMD and pay the standard NDD rate for calls outside Manila or regular mobile to landline rates.

Can Kagay-anons subscribe? Yes! Anyone from the Philippines can subscribe to KonsultaMD.

How to Subscribe

All Globe consumer postpaid, prepaid and TM customers may subscribe by signing up at, by calling (02) 79880 or by visiting a Globe Store. Platinum Elite members may subscribe via their Platinum Relationship Manager. Non-Globe users may visit a Globe Store.